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Whether you are looking for apps to learn addition and the US States or prefer to get out and explore for visual treasures, Mad Dog Software is committed to creating quality apps.

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Learning addition can be fun and educational. Penguin Addition blends learning with fun in an app which teaches addition basics and gives your child a strong math foundation. Penguin Addition is designed for those who are just learning to count to those who want to become wizards at addition sums to 20.

  • Learn quantities of 0-10
  • Master addition sums to 20
  • Sharpen reverse math skills
  • Number sentences and problems vary each time to make practice more productive

“My 7 yr old daughter is typically hesitant to play any math facts game, but the Penguin Math game engaged her so much that she couldn’t wait to play it again. She especially loved the 60 second challenge game!” Tanya Y. | Teacher and Parent

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Fun-infused learning — Ace the 50 States makes learning the 50 US states, their capitals, locations and spellings simple and fun. An app for visual learners.

  • Review: Flashcard style review for locations and capitals, visual color coding for capital and state spelling identification
  • State Whiz: Name the state locations (3 progressively difficult levels)
  • Capital Crush: Match states capitals (3 progressively difficult levels)
  • Spelling Boss: 3 progressively difficult levels to learn the correct spelling of each state and capital.
  • Stats provided upon the completion of each level

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